Sara Sanz is a Spanish artist who currently lives in Valencia, Spain. She was born in Zaragoza in 1980.

She began to show a great interest in drawing at an early age, inspired by the animations she saw on television and her brother’s comic books she used to read when sneaking into his room.

After her experience in the School of Arts of Zaragoza, where she enjoyed training tailored to her needs, learning the basics of traditional artistic techniques, Sara moved to Valencia in 1999 to begin her studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos. In the early years of college, she left painting and drawing aside, going for disciplines related to design and advertising. In the last two years, she met fellow artists working with graffiti and urban art, and was completely seduced by this language that felt so familiar and somehow reminded her of her childhood, going back to painting as a fundamental part of her work.

In 2004, she began working with different local galleries and this was the year she got in touch with something that would henceforth define all her work: pop surrealism. Sara thought it was great how artists from all around the world belonged to that stream, still unknown, creating works that had all the same denominator. “That obsession with working on a thin line that separates subtle from grotesque, innocent from evil”.

Sara Sanz has participated in national and international fairs in London, Switzerland and Madrid and her works has been showcased in galleries in Spain, England, Italy and the US, as well as appeared in magazines, newspapers and other publications.